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Rob Benson is an actor and playwright based in NYC and originally from Bristol in the U.K . Rob’s first recorded performance is on a family cinefilm where he is seen running in and out of his living room wearing different hats and talking in different voices — the rest of his life has been a variance on this theme. Inspired by 1980’s Children’s BBC and Narnia books, Rob spent his formative years looking for adventures in wardrobes and broom cupboards.

At age thirteen he had an epiphany during a Boys Brigade Stage Show that he could make people laugh and he really liked being on stage. This epiphany stayed with him until it came to leave school and after a careers talk with The Girls Physical Education teacher (true story) he enrolled on a Performing Arts course at a local college and from there on to University in Derby to study Performance Arts and roll about the floor for three years. After University he returned to Bristol a bit disillusioned and went to work at his local leisure center where it took him three years to realize that rolling about the floor was much more preferable to staring at a swimming pool and cleaning other people’s hair out of drains and so in 2005 he enrolled at the Drama Studio London. Three very important things happened at Drama Studio London: firstly every class he entered was like entering another magical class at Hogwarts, secondly he realized he might actually have learned something at University that he could apply to the real world and lastly and but by new means least, he met his future wife actress Rachel McPhee.

Upon graduating he started to develop his resume on the London fringe theatre scene and also began to write. He began to test some of his initial musings at a few venues and after an ill-fated educational tour found he had a one-man show on his hands and performed Borderline at the Barons Court Theatre in 2007, he subsequently performed Borderline at the Edinburgh Festival 2008, NYC Fringe in 2009 and various London and Bristol venues. During this time he was also commissioned to write and devise Jollity Farm with Myrtle Theatre Company and performed in sold out runs of Twelfth Night and Richard III (title role) in Bristol.

While his career was developing. so was his blossoming romance with Rachel McPhee, who by now was based in NYC. In 2010 they decided to take their relationship to the next level and later that year, Rob relocated and they were married in December 2010.

Since relocating, Rob has become Director of Development for On The Square Productions. His play, In Your Image, was produced by OTSP at 59E59 in February 2012. He resides in Astoria with his lovely wife and rambunctious yet loveable cat, Romeo.