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An Uneasy Relationship: Norfolk Island and the Commonwealth of Australia

The placement of Norfolk Island, as a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia, is without doubt one of the ancient anomalies in governance, which has endured due to the fact 1914. It displays the direct historic linkages among the British Crown and people Norfolk Islanders who have been descendants of Pitcairn Islanders of Mutiny at the Bounty repute.

Gallipoli : the Turkish story

Each Australian sufficiently old to learn and write has heard of Gallipoli, but what percentage folks have encountered whatever past the Australian standpoint. This account from a Turkish point of view broadens our wisdom of those tragic occasions. summary: each Australian the right age to learn and write has heard of Gallipoli, but what number folks have encountered something past the Australian point of view.

Anzac Labour: Workplace Cultures in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War

Anzac Labour explores the horror, frustration and exhaustion surrounding operating lifestyles within the Australian Imperial strength through the First international battle. according to letters and diaries of Australian infantrymen, it strains the historical past of labor and place of work cultures via Australia, the seashores of Gallipoli, the fields of France and Belgium, and the close to East.

Bombs over Bikini The World's First Nuclear Disaster (Nonfiction - Young Adult)

In 1946, as a part of the chilly warfare hands race, the united states army introduced a application to check nuclear bombs within the Marshall Islands of the Pacific Ocean. From 1946 until eventually 1958, the army detonated sixty-seven nuclear bombs over the areas Bikini and Enewetak Atolls. The 12th bomb, known as Bravo, turned the worlds first nuclear catastrophe.

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The Blair government rejected the call for separate legislation, but accepted the need to clarify the roles and responsibilities of special advisers and to provide annual reports to parliament about their activities and cost. 7 Paradoxically, despite the existence of separate legislation, and their vastly greater numbers, Australian ministerial staff are subject to far weaker regulatory arrangements than apply to their British counterparts. The geographic isolation of ministers and their staff from portfolio departments and agencies is a third distinguishing characteristic of Australian staffing arrangements.

In theory, advisers are constrained by their dependent status, and the precariousness of their employment situation, which depends on the strength of their relationship with their minister. Ministerial staff are bound by none of the arrangements that govern the conduct of other core executive actors. They are not subject to any equivalent of the code of conduct for public servants under the Australian Public Service Act 1999 (Cth) (Holland 2002a, p 18; McKeown 2004). Their actions are not reported in departmental annual reports, and they are not subject to audits or other forms of public scrutiny.

However current arrangements assume they exercise no independent authority or influence. i33 33 19/4/07 3:30:55 PM 34 Power without responsibility Responsibility. Section 9, entitled ‘Ministerial staff conduct’, directs that ministers will be responsible for the conduct of their staff, including consultants. It suggests that because ministerial staff take action on behalf of the minister, they are subject to similar rules of conduct as ministers. The guidelines for ministerial staff are focused mainly on conflict of interest and financial issues such as share ownership.

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