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By Israel Regardie

A easy creation to the sensible Qabala as a highway map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and non secular progress.

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C. G. Jung, the eminent European psycho-analyst, writes in Wilhelm's Secret of the Golden Flower: "Therefore, I can only take the reaction which begins in the West against the intellect ••• in favour of intuition, as a mark of cultural advance, a widening of consciousness beyond the too narrow limits set by a tyrannical intellect" (p. 82). THE PIT 88 Incidentally, one of the greatest difficulties experienced by the philosopher-a difficulty almost insurmountable by the student; onc which continually tends to increase rather than diminish with the advance in knowledge-is this: it is practically impossible to gain any clear intellectual comprehension of the meaning of philosophical terms employed.

For instance, the judgment a is a is a meaningless tautology. In order to be significant our thought must pass beyond the bare identity of an object with itself, but it must not pass to something which has naught in common with the object. Thus, if we assert a equals b, the judgment is false, since we pass from a to h, the latter having nothing in common with a. It is obvious, however, that a definition of this unknown (I can only be achieved by saying either a equals b or a equals cd. In the first case the idea of b is really implicit in (I; thus we have learned nothing, and if not so, the statement is false.

The system of the Qabalah, whose terms as we shan see are largely symbolic, is of course superficially open to this last objection. But because it is very largely symbolic, it has the best sanction of those who are considered eminent authorities in the sc:ences, for the whole of modern science occupies itself with various symbols by which it endeavours to comprehend the physical world-symbols beyond which, however, it frankly confesses itself unable to pass. An illuminating remark occurs in Prof.

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