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By Bob Utech

A advisor to High-Performance Powder Coating examines charges, functionality, and environmental results. The textual content appears at technical advances made in powder coating strategies and gear, and it explains those thoughts for these within the attempting to retain a aggressive part. Powder coating fabrics and their functionality houses are checked out besides electrostatic theories, curing, and ovens. The publication seems at layout and building facets of the pretreatment washing machine method and explores tracking and preserving pretreatment platforms, besides the basics of fending off pretreatment failure. different themes contain gear hoppers and feeders, powder compartments, functions, working stipulations, and questions of safety. functionality trying out, together with criteria and chemical resistance, are defined. moreover, troubleshooting strategies whilst a product is off color, off gloss, or shows negative adhesion features is gifted

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Consequently, epoxy coatings are restricted to interior applications. p65 21 4/10/02, 11:38 AM A Guide to High-performance Powder Coating • • • • • smooth coatings, good corrosion resistance, excellent adhesion to the substrate, excellent electrical properties, and good abrasion resistance. Some disadvantages of epoxy powder coatings include: • chalks when exposed to ultraviolet light and • poor gloss retention. Epoxy-polyester Hybrid Powder Coats Epoxy-polyester hybrids provide thin-layer coatings that cure similarly to epoxies.

This material has low-flow friction, wears well, and strongly resists being coated by the powder material. There are many types of impact design for tribo equipment. A characteristic of the tribo gun is that it produces a flow of charged powder with little external field and no excess ion current. The absence of a field helps in the penetration of Faraday cage areas. If the equipment is performing inadequately, ask the equipment supplier to conduct a test with a DC-voltage test meter. This meter provides a high-voltage test of electrostatic output.

Many times, ions from the external field can no longer reach the particle because the particle’s field repels them. In this case, the particles have reached maximum charge, given the external field strength, particle size, and material. 394 in. [1 cm]), the attraction between the charged powder particles and the grounded part causes the particles to effectively deposit on the part. Most materials used for powder coatings are strong dielectrics. Once charged, the charge does not “bleed off” quickly.

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