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By Mary Smith, Chris Bunyan

Книга A Shetland Knitters workstation посвящена вязанию, приведены описания, схемы узоров

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In at least two comedies, DomJuan (1665) and Le Misanthrope (1666), Moliere deeply questioned the idea of honnetete, but it is nevertheless true to say that it is fundamental to his achievement as a dramatist whose whole stance depends on certain assumptions held in common with his audience. Racine's drama, on the other hand, largely concerns characters who either find themselves in situations where Descartes' solution to the problem of passion is impracticable, or centres on the factor which Descartes left out of account-that is, the problem of temperament.

The usefulness of these passions consists in the fact that AFTER CERVANTES 31 they allow the soul to contemplate an object or idea steadily. Their danger is that they preoccupy the soul for too long and usurp its active function. Only the judgement can protect the soul from its passions and form the basis of virtue. One might almost go so far as to say that for Descartes judgement is virtue. Passions may be fought with other passions, but not with security or long-term effect. The only proper method is by using the 'Propres armes' of the soul-'firm and determined judgements concerning the knowledge of good and evil, according to which she has resolved to conduct the actions of life'.

And then, in the incident which may be said in a certain sense to begin the book, he obtains a new lease of life. The combat with Sanson Carrasco, himself disguised as a knight errant, is the confrontation with reality which we have all expected and feared. Ironically, Don Quixote wins, and is thereby reinforced in his illusion about his own prowess. So he is freed to wander again until he meets Carrasco again as the knight of the White Moon. In the meantime he goes on to his anti-climactic combat with the caged lion who refuses to come out.

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