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3y(x = y +1)) Vx(x+O=x) Vx,y(x+(y+l)=(x+y)+l) Vx(x· 0=0) Vx,y(x· (y+ 1)=(x· y)+x) Vx,y(x

S,(v)), 11,( v, y) is s,(v) = y (1 ~ i ~ k) and 1/J( v, y) is I( v) = y, and suppose the lemma is true for the formulas II, I I ! "r j \ ( Introducing new relations and [unctions 49 and 1jJ. Then if aE M we have MFO(a) {c}MFt(a) = [(Sl(a), ... , s,(a» {c}MF

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