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By Viacheslav A. Chirikba

Abkhaz is without doubt one of the 3 languages comprising the Abkhazo-Adyghean, or West Caucasian department of North Caucasian linguistic family members (the different department being Nakh-Daghestanian, or East Caucasian). Abkhaz is spoken via nearly 100,000 humans within the former Soviet union (mainly within the Republic of Abkhazia, Caucasus), and through a minimum of an identical variety of audio system in Turkey and a few center east international locations (small Abkhaz colonies are available additionally in Western Europe and the USA). Abkhaz is infamous for its large consonantal stock (up to sixty seven consonants in its Bzyp dialect) and by way of its minimum vocalic approach: in basic terms vowels. notwithstanding Abkhaz was once studied through a few students (among whom P. Uslar in XIX century, or extra simply okay. Lomtatidze in Georgia and G. Hewitt in nice Britain), many facets of Abkhaz grammar (especially its syntax) nonetheless must be correctly defined. Abkhaz is the single West Caucasian language to own the class of grammatical periods, manifested in own pronouns, verb conjugation, numerals and in classification of quantity. Abkhaz is an ergative language, the ergative building being represented now not through case endings, as in similar Circassian and Ubykh (Abkhaz doesn't have the case system), yet through order of actant markers. The verbal root is composed frequently of 1 consonant, preceded by means of a string of prefixes (class-personal, directional, temporal, negational, causative, etc.) and by way of few suffixes. Verbs could be stative or dynamic, finite or non-finite. The grammatical cartoon of Abkhaz comprises information regarding its phonological method, morphology, and syntax. a brief textual content is supplied with grammatical reviews.

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Pa-.. ': z ... : z(

B. possessor noun or pronoun +possessed masdar: a-ph 0asllari 1-ca-ri 'woman/she her-gomg =the woman's/her going'. c. possessor pronoun+possessed pronoun : /ani 1-t "'a 'she her-possession = her (own)'. 2. Modifier Precedes its Head: a. Ja:i"na'this house', ant a-tapha-coa 'those girls' . b. t';j-k"a whip's sound', apswa s0ak''Abkhaz rifle' . . . . ·o• "' c. ~' . d. t 0a 'whJchshe-hear-PlDF:NFlN ART-word= the word she heard', s-x-a-c'

The Reconstruction of its Phonological System and Parts of its Lexicon and Morphology. Leiden: Research School CNWS, 452 pp. 1996b. Sadz, an Abkhaz dialect in Turkey. In : NSL. 8. Linguistic Studies in the nonSlavic languages of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic . Republics. Chicago: The University of Chicago, p. 67-81. 1997. Distribution of Abkhaz Dialects in Turkey. ln: A. ) . Proceedings of the Conference on Northwest Caucasian Linguistics, 10-12 October 1994. Studia Caucasologica Ill.

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