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By F.N. Hooge (auth.), Josef Sikula, Michael Levinshtein (eds.)

A dialogue of lately constructed experimental equipment for noise study in nanoscale digital units, performed by means of experts in delivery and stochastic phenomena in nanoscale physics. The procedure defined is to create tools for experimental observations of noise assets, their localization and their frequency spectrum, voltage-current and thermal dependences. Our present wisdom of dimension equipment for mesoscopic units is summarized to spot instructions for destiny examine, concerning downscaling results.

The instructions for destiny examine into fluctuation phenomena in quantum dot and quantum cord units are designated. Nanoscale digital units often is the easy elements for electronics of the twenty first century. From this viewpoint the signal-to-noise ratio is a crucial parameter for the equipment program. because the noise can be a top quality and reliability indicator, experimental equipment can have a large program sooner or later.

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40] investigated GaAs surface by STM and found that while both Ga and As atoms are “visible”, 1/f noise in the fluctuations of the tunneling current can be observed only when the tip is above the Ga atoms. This observation indicates that tunneling itself is not a source of 1/f noise. The necessary ingredient could be the phonons which inelastically assist the carriers tunneling. [39] tentatively attributed 1/f noise to the fluctuation of the surface phonon number. We consider that such an experiment performed on a SWNT would be of fundamental importance for the whole field.

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30 1. Introduction Today, it is standard to formulate noise models solely in the frequency domain as a relationship between the measured spectrum and the parameters of possible noise sources. This is correct provided the noise data are stochastically continuous and weak stationary. These standard assumptions are crucial; nevertheless, they are generally taken for granted. They allow to characterize the noise process likewise by the frequency spectrum or by the autocorrelation function, both being non-random functions comprising the complete information on the noise process.

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