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The increase of Cu content strengthened and hardened the aluminium alloy although this process decreased its castability. Adding Mg content improved and increased wettability on the interface area between the matrix and the steel wire [15]. It was noted that the interface condition is very important in determining the needed properties of the material systems because it functions as the media for transferring the load from reinforce-matrixreinforce [16]. Fig. 1 shows the microstructure on the interface between the steel wire and the matrix with varied Mg content.

In coir fiber, the lignin content was higher than the cellulose content which acts as chemical bonding in the fiber structure. High lignin content causing more rigid and hardness properties of coir [12]. However, it was found that by reinforcing epoxy with coir yarn, the material’s flexibility increased almost 36%. The results also pictures kevlar as the most flexible material and the higher composition of kevlar (as in CK material) will increase the material’s flexibility. 40 Advanced Materials Research QiR 12 Effects of Configuration on Failure Mode Observations of the damage modes under 15 m/sec impact were illustrated in Figure 4a-e.

Veronelli: Aluminium Alloys Composite Plates, US Patent 4426429, (1981). [7] G. S. Patent 44264294111097, (1974). : On the Effect of Additions of Cu and Mg on the Ductillity of AlSi Foundry Alloy Cast with A Cooling Rate of Approximately 3 K/s, Materials Science and Engineering A, 413-414, (2005), p. 561-566. D. Love: High-Velocity Impact of Low-Density Projectiles on Structural Aluminium Armor,” International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 35, issue 12, (2008), p. 1808-1815. [10] Sebastian Balos, Vencislav Grabulov, Leposava Sidjanin, Mladen Pantic: Wire Fence as Applique Armour, Materials and Design, 31, (2010), p.

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