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It is Important content that to make Surface modification and surface modification and Improve the material on the surface of the cell adhesion and promotes cell proliferation to bone tissue engineering scaffolds. The role of osteoblast and support material dependent on the Material surface characteristics, Local shape, surface energy and chemical energy, which Determine how cells adsorbed onto the surface of the material and Localization of cells and cell function behavior. Therefore, the complexity of biomaterials and cell biological material surface interaction determines the biological scaffold materials for surface modification of importance.

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2) It can recycle all kinds of floating oil, including light and heavy oil. (3) The recycled pollutant contains little water. (4) It is easy to handle and maintain. (5) Low cost and economical. After comparing various kinds of equipments, we choose the turntable oil recycling machine. The absorber of this kind of machine is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel or aluminum alloy. And it can recycle high viscosity oil. According to the practical situation, the water ratio can be reduced by controlling the turn of turntable.

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