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By J. S. C. Clark, P. T. N. Spencer-Phillips (auth.), Peter Spencer-Phillips, Michael Jeger (eds.)

Emphasis during this moment quantity of Advances in Downy mold Research is at the biology of appropriate interactions, forecasting and epidemiology, host specialisation, genetic variability among pathogen populations, novel tools for detection and systematics, and brought about resistance. chapters specialise in the comparable oomycete Albugo candida, which stocks many pathogenic features with the downy mildews and gives a useful comparative pathosystem. Contributions on particular downy mildews comprise Bremia lactucae, Peronospora destructor, Peronospora sparsa, Peronospora viciae, Plasmopara halstedii, Plasmopara viticola, Pseudoperonospora cubensis and Sclerospora graminicola. assessment chapters on compatibility, forecasting and systematics ponder a broader variety of downy mold fungi, and evaluate them with different oomycete and biotrophic pathogens. The ebook is appropriate to someone with an curiosity in those special biotrophic pathogens, both of their personal correct as factors of harmful illnesses or as version platforms for learn on host-pathogen interactions. it may be learn by means of: scholars, lecturers and researchers in educational and study institutes; learn and improvement body of workers within the agrochemical industries; agricultural and horticultural advisers, and different extension workers.

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