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By Inderjit, K.M.M. Dakshini, Frank A. Einhellig

content material: Allelopathy : present prestige and destiny ambitions / Frank A. Einhellig --
Lichen allelopathy : a evaluation / James D. Lawrey --
Overcoming allelopathic development inhibition through micorrhizal inoculation / A.U. Mallik and H. Zhu --
Allelopathic, herbaceous, vascular hydrophytes / Stella D. Elakovich and Jean W. Wooten --
id of allelochemicals in Eucalyptus citriodora and Polygonum sachalinense / Hiroyuki Nishimura and Junya Mizutani --
Quercetin and quercitrin from Pluchea lanceolata and their impression on development of asparagus bean / Inderjit and K.M.M. Dakshini --
Mechanism of motion of allelochemicals in allelopathy / Frank A. Einhellig --
Allelopathic houses of alkaloids and different normal items : attainable modes of motion / M. Wink and B. Latz-Brüning --
the worth of version plant-microbe-soil structures for realizing tactics linked to allelopathic interplay : one instance / Udo Blum --
Characterization of the mechanisms of allelopathy : modeling and experimental methods / H.H. Cheng --
Plant rigidity and allelopathy / Chung-Shih Tang, Wei-Fan Cai, Keith Kohl, and Roy ok. Nishimoto --
Chemical verbal exchange among the parasitic weed striga and its crop host : a brand new measurement in allelochemistry / Larry G. Butler --
Allelopathy and self-defense in barley / J.V. Lovett and A.H.C. Hoult --
Tillage and allelopathic points of the corn-soybean rotation impact / I.C. Anderson and R.M. Cruse --
Intercropping allelopathic vegetation with nitrogen-fixing legume plants : a tripartite legume symbiosis viewpoint / Robert A. Kluson --
Allelopathy and sustainable agriculture / Chang-Hung Chou --
Allelopathy in Mexican crops : newer experiences / A.L. Anaya, B.E. Hernández-Bautista, H.R. Pelayo-Benavides, M. Calera, and E. Fernández-Luiselli --
Allelopathic task of evidently happening compounds from mung beans (Vigna radiata) and their surrounding soil / G.R. Waller, C.S. Cheng, Chang-Hung Chou, D. Kim, C.F. Yang, S.C. Huang, and Y.F. Lin --
strength of hydroxamic acids within the keep watch over of cereal pests, ailments, and weeds / Hermann M. Niemeyer and Francisco J. Perez --
Fungal antibiosis in biocontrol of plant illness / A. Di Pietro --
Weed regulate with mycoherbicides and phytotoxins : a nontraditional software of allelopathy / C. Douglas Boyette and Hamed okay. Abbas --
organic regulate of plant pathogens by way of antibiotic-producing micro organism / Edna Levy and Shmuel Carmeli --
Allelopathy within the look for ordinary herbicide versions / Francisco A. Macias --
position of secondary metabolites in root sickness suppression / Debbie okay. Fujimoto, David M. Weller, and Linda S. Thomashow --
traditional items with capability use as herbicides / Stephen O. Duke and Hamed ok. Abbas.

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Mycorrhizal formation on the seedlings varied among the 19 isolates (Table IV). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1994. ALLELOPATHY: ORGANISMS, PROCESSES, AND APPLICATIONS 50 Table IV. ch003 Fungus Control Leaf Hebeloma crustuliniforme AB2 ++ ++ Hebeloma cylindrosporum GB6 + + Paxillus involutus NF4 +++ +++ Paxillus involutus GB24 ++ + Paxillus involutus GB40 ++ ++ Paxillus involutus GB41 ++ + Leccinum scabrum NFl + - E-Strain GB45 +++ +++ Thelephora terrestris GB50 - - Pisolithus tinctorius GB25 - - Pisolithus tinctorius GB4 ++ + Pisolithus tinctorius GB14 ++ + Cenococcum geophilum ABl + - Cenococcum geophilum GB12 ++ ++ Laccaria bicolor GB8 + + Laccaria laccata AB5 ++ + Laccaria laccata GB20 +++ - Laccaria laccata GB23 +++ +++ Lycoperdon perlatum GB56 - - NOTE: Mycorrhizal formation was arbitrarily classified into four groups: -, no mycorrhizal formation; +, 5-20% mycorrhizae of total short roots; ++, 21-60% mycorrhizae; +++, 61-100% mycorrhizae (45).

Indian J. Exp. Biol. 1971, 9, 523-524. Dalvi, R. ; Salunkhe, D. Phyton 1972, 29, 63-72. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1994. ch002 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. Phytochem. 1972, 11, 2429-2434. Reddy, P. ; Rao, P. Indian J. Exp. Biol. 1978, 16, 1019-1021. Brown, R. ; Mikola, P. Acta Forest. Fenn. 1974, 141, 1-23. Phytocoenosis [Warszawa-Biatowieza] 1975, 4, 3-94. Ramaut, J. Oecologia Plantarum 1975, 10, 295-299.

Duke, S. O. Rev. Weed Sci. 1986, 2, 15-44. Duke, S. O. In The Science of Allelopathy; Putnam, A. ; Tang, C. ; John Wiley and Sons: New York, NY, 1986; pp. 287-304. Duke, S. ; Lydon, J. Weed Technol. 1987, 1, 122-128. Duke, S. ; Lydon, J. In Pest Control with Enhanced Environmental Safety, Duke, S. ; Menn, J. ; Plimmer, J. ; 1993, pp. 110-124. Cutler, H. G. Weed Technol. 1988, 2, 525-532. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1994. ch002 Lichen Allelopathy: A Review James D.

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