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By Evelyn Wolfson

Lengthy earlier than they have been written down, American Indian myths have been saved alive by way of a powerful oral culture. have you puzzled how the realm was once made? MYTHOLOGY OF the yank INDIANS discusses this secret, besides different myths and legends from diverse tradition components all through North the United States. every one bankruptcy is via a question and solution part which covers characters, issues, and emblems. knowledgeable remark part complements the myths with critiques by means of famous students. This publication is constructed from AMERICAN INDIAN MYTHOLOGY to permit republication of the unique textual content into publication, paperback, and alternate versions.

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The waters, too, slowed down to a rumble and then flowed smoothly and swiftly to the sea. Then Nuwa salvaged the huge legs of a dead warrior turtle 47 Chinese Mythology to hold up the sky, like pillars, in the four corners of the world. As she propped up the northwest corner, however, the earth tilted up in the west and slipped down low in the east, and try as she might, she was unable to level the sky. Finally, Nuwa lashed together twelve bamboo reeds to make a flute. She shaped the instrument like the tail of the phoenix, the bird of peace.

His blow splintered off the sharp mountain peak and sent it flying upward, punching a huge hole in the sky. The dome of heaven, already fractured from the gods’ wrestling match, now cracked into a thousand fissures surrounding the gaping hole. At once, deadly creatures from beyond the heavens swooped down through the darkness to descend upon the earth. At the same time, the force of Gong’s blow split open the crust of the earth. Exploding mountains spewed forth hot rocks to scorch the land. Liquid fire oozed from every crevice, and smoke belched from the cracked ground.

The water god smiled as he surveyed his mighty forces. Unlike his human army, these water warriors had their own protective armor. They lived in the sea and could not die by drowning. At Gong’s command, they stirred up waves as high as mountains to quell the fire god. Gong cried to his rival, “You cannot win this war. I am the superior force. Admit it! ” Then Zurong whirled and drew up all his strength. He inhaled every particle of heat, spark, and ember in his being, and blew out a blast of fire at the rebel warriors.

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